Timeless Fetish

Timeless Fetish

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What place does narrative play in science? How do stories act as our framework to understanding complex processes?


Making this we piece chose images from educational documentaries which use the sensational filmmaking techniques of action and adventure films. Many contemporary educational documentaries give the viewer an external perspective on the entire planet. Treating the earth as subject. Humanity’s view of our planet dates from one specific photograph; 1968 ‘Earth Rise’, a photograph of planet Earth taken from another celestial body. Since this image, humanity has had a specific datum and means of visually understanding our confines.


In this work, planet earth is the main character in a coming of age story narrated by an “early life form” the video follows earth’s formation from a frozen astrological body to a furtive place, capable of supporting life. The objects; props from the film, are markers on the timeline of the story. They are visual poetic forms running in parallel with the text in the video expounding the fact that we can only perceive the past through our own personal reference points.


‘Timeless fetish’ draws parallels between the classical forms of authority and the influence of archetypal imagery, an image which through its framing and abundance is given authority.

Sculpt Off

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Sculpt Off



The masculinity of sculpture is in the performative act of its creation.

The wrestling ring is a space to spar with one’s opponent, to engage in direct combat in a test of skill and proof of greatness.

The narratives projected on, and by the participants in, the form of entertainment that is wrestling are the same as those in the high cultured realm of Art.

The rules of the contest are as follows: Contestants have 1 minute to sculpt each object placed in front of them, there are 14 found objects and 1 object chosen by the audience. The winner is decided by audience approval.





Birdman is a film about confronting death, through painting, performance and landscape. Taking the structure of shamanic ritual, performer Fred Nicholas, takes a journey into understanding landscape painting through a communion with his mother’s spirit. Humanity’s ideas of death are inextricably tied to Landscape. The Landscapes which surround all human cultures are records of the past, and therefor personified with the voices of the dead.

Kingston Ancient

Kinston Ancient

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This film brings together two institutions involved in engagement with and the representation of history, one is a National Trust property, the other is an experimental archaeology centre. The lens through which we understand history is entirely dictated by our context and the narratives we place on its retelling. How can we get closer to understanding the past, and what is the role of nostalgia, in understanding history through a romanticized view?