Loz | Jack Honeysett | 2010

In this ongoing series of video works I take major motion pictures and edit out any frames where a character appears in order to create a new film. The aim is to remove the performers from in front of the lens and see how much of the original essence of the film survives. My hope was that the environments in cut away shots would then take the role of characters and any film craft visible would be heightened to the status of narrative.

The first films I edited in this series were two David Lean epics from the sixties and the Spaghetti Westerns. I choose these because they shared some shooting locations and both had an epic landscape feel about them, which I hoped would remain. Next I edited the original Star Wars trilogy in order to test more fictionalised landscapes. In choosing films which are such cultural icons in themselves, my edits act more as memory trigger for any audience member already well acquainted with the movie, like watching the film on extreme fast forward. The films retain their essence because the edited versions trigger memories of the entire film, the characters are very potent in their absence.