Jack Honeysett is an English artist based in New York, USA.
Honeysett was born in 1989 in Exeter, a city in the south west of England. Received a BA Hons. In Fine Art from the Arts Institute Bournemouth, Dorset, UK in 2011. Is currently studying for a Masters in Fine Art Sculpture at Syracuse University, New York, USA.

His early work focused on the representation of the performer through the lens and moving image. Other areas of his practice attempt to nd a space for video between the roles of artist and curator, through documenting and curating objects in the temporal form of a moving image medium.

The relationship between artistic and industrial process is a key gure in Honeysett’s work. How the structures of large systems, biology, economics, language can be traversed by an artist.


I am an object maker and video artist. My work is about how we re-tell the past and the social role of narrative. I think stories define how we understand and build our viewpoint on the world and I want to tell my audience a story through objects.
I create objects by scraping and casting. Scraping is a process accessible to humanity since we evolved digits, and casting is a memory tool designed to record objects in a new material. I Act as a director, or conductor of my pieces. During the editing of a group of objects, video or written text, I present them in a way which holds speci c traces of their history, and draws connections between seemingly unrelated objects, which twists their perceived, intended usage.
My choice of medium is dictated by the context I am working for, if am creating a public work it should respond to the aesthetics of the surrounding environment, for gallery pieces they must work with and challenge the preconceptions of a gallery audience. Each project I work on will have a different subject, but underlying this is a base fascination in the inadequacies of communication. This is a hypothesis rooted in the feeling of helplessness we all feel in our attempts to affect the world around us. Although the subjects and aesthetic of my work shifts from piece to piece, creating contrast within a body of work, underlying this are themes shared by all artists and audience: symbol, material and history.
A key aspect of my work is an acute awareness of the mediation of the subject matter en-route to an audience, this concern is often embodied as a facet of the work.


2011 1st Class BA (Hons) Fine Art, Arts University College Bournemouth.

2008 Foundation diploma in Art and Design, Exeter college.



‘Most Manly Sculpture Show’ Spark Art Space, Syracuse, NY. Curated.

‘In the Pines’ Spark Art Space, Syracuse, NY

‘Timeless Fetish’ Random Access, Syracuse, NY

‘Timeless Fetish’ Brink Gallery, Missoula, MT


‘A Few Others Now’ Spark Art Space, Syracuse, NY


‘Chasing Sputnik’ Quay Arts Centre, Isle of Wight.


‘Morris Photography’ Cecil Sharp House, London. Curated.


‘Brink’ The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London


‘Shop’, Burlington arcade, Old Christchurch road, Bournemouth

‘Freak Show’, Studio 45 Bournemouth

‘Inter{Personal}’ North Light Studio 5, Bournemouth 2009

‘Freak Show’, Studio 45, Bournemouth

‘Mini Shop’, North Light Studio 4, Bournemouth