Jack Honeysett is an English artist based in New York.
Born in 1989 in Exeter, a city in the south west of England he Received a BA Hons. In Fine Art from the Arts Institute Bournemouth, Dorset, UK in 2011 and is currently studying for a Masters in Fine Art Sculpture at Syracuse University, New York, USA.


My work is about dislocation and the idea of limbo. Memory, death and landscape are important in my practice. This plays out in the slowness or stillness of my aesthetic.

I am drawn to sculpture and video because they feel like vehicles for removal. Sculpture is so often the act of memorialising something; crystallising it and placing it both in history and outside of a human timeline through material. It creates an other worldliness which is represented in surface texture; the reflective surface appearing to be more of a mirror on the world than of it. Video is similar; it is often a tantalising glimpse at something which appears to have slipped out of time; that is immortal, a moment or place on infinite loop.

I represent objects or environments that feel transitional. For example, the staircase to my studio, a log I chopped when I moved country or the journeys I take to leave my family.


2018 MFA Sculpture Candidate, School of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse University

2011 1st Class BA (Hons) Fine Art, Arts University College Bournemouth.

2008 Foundation diploma in Art and Design, Exeter college.



Milling, Shopping Town Mall, Syracuse, NY

In the Presence of too much past, Random Access Gallery, Syracuse, NY

Future Classic, Olive Tjaden Experimental Space, Cornell University

Museum Views, Biblio Gallery, Syracuse, NY


Tumult of Frozen Creatures, CB1, Los Angeles, CA

On the Map, Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, CA

‘Most Manly Sculpture Show’ Spark Art Space, Syracuse, NY. Curated.

‘In the Pines’ Spark Art Space, Syracuse, NY

‘Timeless Fetish’ Random Access, Syracuse, NY

‘Timeless Fetish’ Brink Gallery, Missoula, MT


‘A Few Others Now’ Spark Art Space, Syracuse, NY


‘Chasing Sputnik’ Quay Arts Centre, Isle of Wight.


‘Morris Photography’ Cecil Sharp House, London. Curated.


‘Brink’ The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London


‘Shop’, Burlington arcade, Old Christchurch road, Bournemouth

‘Freak Show’, Studio 45 Bournemouth

‘Inter{Personal}’ North Light Studio 5, Bournemouth 2009

‘Freak Show’, Studio 45, Bournemouth

‘Mini Shop’, North Light Studio 4, Bournemouth