The traditional English folk dance of Morris is an inward facing performance and a close knit community. This project’s aim was to document both the dance and the social interaction which forms a key element of this micro culture’s purpose. Presented here in single channel video, with installation views. The piece was originally shown on 6 monitors facing inward in a circle.




Birdman is a film about confronting death, through painting, performance and landscape. Taking the structure of shamanic ritual, performer Fred Nicholas, takes a journey into understanding landscape painting through a communion with his mother’s spirit. Humanity’s ideas of death are inextricably tied to Landscape. The Landscapes which surround all human cultures are records of the past, and therefor personified with the voices of the dead.


Kingston ancient

This film brings together two institutions involved in engagement with and the representation of history, one is a National Trust property, the other is an experimental archaeology centre. The lens through which we understand history is entirely dictated by our context and the narratives we place on its retelling. How can we get closer to understanding the past, and what is the role of nostalgia, in understanding history through a romanticized view?


Gd bd ugly

What is left of a narrative when the performer is removed? The back story of location and landscape in the spaghetti westerns plays a key role in the fictionalisation of the wild west. The story is not told by the main characters, but by the context of a film’s influence on the culture that follows.


Loz, Zhiv

Laurence of Arabia (1962) and Doctor Zhivago (1966), these two epic 60s films directed by David Lean based narrative on one character’s exploits in the landscape. Landscape is not an environment for the characters to exist within, it is equally character. How is dialogue with landscape revealed in cinema?